A downloadable game for Windows

  • Our game, just like the classic Castlevania games, is a 2D action platformer.
  • Your way of attacking is the whip. Simply click at an enemy that's within your range, and it will take damage.
  • Essentially, the whip can be used in any direction thanks to raycasting (we don't actually have separate sprites/animations for this, due to time constraints).

  • This was a quarter-long project made during Fall 2016.
  • Contributors:
    • Avineesh Kompella (Team Lead, Programmer, 1st-year at UCI)
    • Mark Pareja (Artist, Programmer, 4th-year at UCI)
    • Michael Kirk (Programmer, 1st-year at UCI)
    • Brett Galkowski (Programmer, 1st-year at UCI)
    • Wilfredo Paraiso (Programmer, 1st-year at UCI)
    • Riley Park (Writer, 1st-year at UCI)
    • Edwin Ho (VGDC Officer Buddy, 4th-year at UCI)


VGDCCastlevaniaGame.zip 18 MB